We help you protect your Patents and Trademarks

Intellectual property Law

We provide IP related services including, but not limited to:

  • Registration of patent rights
  • Registration and renewal of trademarks
  • Tracking and handling infringement of trademarks
  • Drafting and advising on trademark license agreements
enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards is our specialization

Litigation and Arbitration Services

It is crucial for parties to a legal dispute to settle their disagreements in a short period of time and with the least cost possible. SKY And Associates Law Office gives priority to the applicability of alternative dispute resolution mechanism .  We guide our clients through a negotiation, mediation, or arbitration route to resolve a dispute. Where litigation remains to be the only realistic option, our litigation expert handles pleadings, court litigation, up to enforcement of judgments.

Ethiopian labor relations are highly regulated.

Labor and Employment Law

The employment and labor Laws of Ethiopia are changing rapidly and companies need quality legal assistance to navigate this ever-changing legal environment. We have been at the forefront in assisting foreign businesses and non-profit institutions in meeting these challenges by:

  • Drafting employment contracts for both managerial and non-managerial employees
  • Drafting training agreements between employers and employees
  • Advising on labor issues such as annual leave, bonus, termination of Contract, severance pay and compensation
  • Advising on pensionlLaw and provident fund issues
  • Facilitating the acquisition of eork permits for expatriate staff
  • Drafting settlement agreements upon termination of employment

We take the motto that prevention is a lot better than cure seriously. Thus, we audit our clients’  human resources  policies and practices to forestall potential legal problems. Such audits enable clients to identify and rectify ambivalent and thin employment arrangements and, thus, minimize litigation.

We help foreign non-profit organizations thrive.

Law of Civil Society Organizations

We are a law office with extensive experience in assisting charities and faith-based organizations in navigating the Ethiopian non-profit legal and regulatory environment. We are currently providing legal counsel and representation in the following areas:

  • Choosing the right legal structure for a specific charitable Purpose;
  • Formation, registration and dissolution of charities and consortium of charities
  • complying with budgetary prescriptions of the Ethiopian charities and societies agency
  • Obtaining operational license
  • Resource mobilization and income generation
  • Structure and accountability of internal organs of charities
  • Complying with supervision and follow-up requirements of the charities and societies agency
The banking sector is opening up.

Banking and Insurance Law

SKY and Associates Law Office provides legal services on banking and insurance Law matters. We provide legal advice to foreign and local investors regarding banking regulations, loan registration and remittance.

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